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Make a positive social impact while maximizing your returns!


Social Impact Network is an ecosystem to maximize your returns while creating a positive social impact through real-world asset funds and DeFi protocols.


Invest in fully tokenized real-world assets-based funds


Trade 24/7 shares of real-world asset funds due to DeFi integration


Get rewarded with SI Token for your participation



All real-world asset-based projects within funds are proposed and monitored by international aid organizations such as UN Development Programme to ensure the highest quality opportunities for investors. The first operational fund within SI Network is Sunny Fund.

Sunny Fund

Sunny Fund

The first tokenized fund on Social Impact Network is specialized in Solar PV energy investments

1 MWp Solar PV, Lebanon (Example)

Supervision: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

The solar photovoltaic system is a rooftop installation with an output of 1 MWp, 4,160 solar modules from JA Solar and 16 inverters from SMA. The expected electricity yield is 2,396 kWh/kWp/year.

The project has an expected APY of 12% and is managed by UNDP Lebanon. The project will save an average of about 721 tons of CO2 per year.

CO2 reduction


Why Social Impact Network?

Fair Launch

Social Impact Network a fair launch project, without pre-sale and pre-mine


Social Impact Network has a sustainable business model

Transparent Team

The founders are completely transparent and well known in the industry

Recognized Partners

Social Impact Network is supported and backed by internationally recognized partners such as UNDP

Community Driven

Important decisions are made by the community

Environmentally friendly

All implemented real-world project create a positive social impact (e.g. CO2 reduction)


Frequently Asked

What is Social Impact Network?

Social Impact Network is an ecosystem that connects DeFi space and real-world asset-based projects. The hybrid approach opens up the possibility for investors to participate in a project with social impact that scales with the platform and network. It provides an opportunity to enjoy the utility benefits of the token which generate additional yield through DeFi protocols.

What are real-world asset-backed tokens?

Real-world asset-backed tokens are tokens that are backed by a real asset (e.g. a real estate or a solar plant). So instead of buying the asset, you can simply buy the token.

What is yield farming

Yield farming is a DeFi concept where users stake their crypto assets to earn returns. Please read this article to learn more about the topic.

What is Sunny Fund?

The Sunny Fund is the first real-world asset fund on Social Impact Network. It is a portfolio of Solar PV projects that produce revenue and create social impact.

How can I invest in the Sunny Fund?

You can deposit directly into the fund with BUSD on the SI Network app. The Sunny tokens you receive are representing your share of all Solar PV plants in the fund.

Who decides which real-world asset-based projects are funded for implementation?

Each proposed project announced on the dashboard is supervised and audit by an international AID organization. Social Impact token holders can approve or decline projects.

What are SI Tokens ?

SI tokens are governance tokens of the Social Impact Network. Token holders can vote on important decisions (e.g. accepting projects, setting fees). The revenues from the collected fees invested in Social Impact projects are partly used to buyback and burn Social Impact Tokens.

How do I earn SI Tokens?

You can earn Social Impact Tokens by using our ecosystem. You have three options to earn Social Impact Token:

  1. Providing liquidity to the purely DeFi based vaults
  2. Providing liquidity to a Social Impact fund
  3. Providing liquidity to the trading pair BNB/SIT and SIT/SUNNY on PancakeSwap.
Where can I buy SI Tokens?

Once the Social Impact Network is launched you can buy Social Impact Tokens on PancakeSwap.

Are SI Fund or SI Tokens securities?

All Social Impact projects are tokenized as security tokens. These security tokens are wrapped in a particular fund (e.g. Sunny Fund). The fund token itself is a utility token.

Where does my yield come from?

The source of your yield will depend on how you participate in Social Impact Network:

As a yield farmer (with LP token), your yield comes from:

  • Underlying trading fee of the pool – i.e. trading fee of the PancakeSwap pool.
  • Incentive rewards of the pool, if applicable – i.e. Cake token.
  • Incentive rewards paid in Social Impact Token

As a yield farmer (single asset), your yield comes from:

  • Interest paid by borrowers
  • Incentive rewards of the pool, if applicable – i.e. Cake token.
  • Incentive rewards paid in Social Impact token

As an impact investor, your yield comes from:

  • Interest paid by borrowers for funds hold in liquidity reserve
  • Incentive rewards paid in Social Impact Token
  • Revenues from the Social Impact projects

All the external yields will be converted to your deposited asset.


Meet the Team

Felix Maduakor

Felix Maduakor


IT Security Specialist;
Dev and crypto early adopter;
Certified risk manager, compliance officer and IT security officer;
Former Blockchain Researcher at Ruhr University Bochum;

Cedric Lehmann

Cedric Lehmann


Graduated in Business Informatics from University of Paderbon;
Early adopter of Bitcoin and crypto;
Certified AML officer;
Former Blockchain Researcher at Ruhr University Bochum;

Dr. Nikola Markovic

Dr. Nikola Markovic


Holding a PhD in Electrochemistry from Ruhr University of Bochum;
Extensive passion for blockchain technology and DeFi;
Innovation and technology driven;
Painting with light;

Invest intelligently. Make a difference.

With Social Impact Network you earn the highest returns while creating positive social impact. All real-world asset-based projects have a positive effect on our environment and are supervised by international aid organizations.

Protect your wallet and save the environment.