The future of impact investing, the DeFi way

Why choose between stable returns and doing good for people and planet? Join us in making this a reality.

Social Impact Network

A new paradigm in DeFi and impact investing

The DeFi universe keeps expanding, but its core potential for large-scale impact in the world remains untapped.

Despite the huge opportunity impact investing offers, the DeFi industry hasn’t yet awakened to its possibilities.

Social Impact Network bridges DeFI and traditional impact investing, opening the door for these two worlds to merge into one for a sustainable future that supports mass blockchain adoption.

Social Impact Network is a decentralized impact investing ecosystem

Offering stable APYs through ESG-driven real-world asset funds

Real-world impact

Invest in real-world projects that have a positive impact on society while earning a profit.

Early adopter gains

DeFi will eventually become the standard in impact and ESG investing. Watch your investment value increase as we take adoption to traditional markets.

Stable returns

Receive stable yields while adding impact to your investment.

Introducing a new era of DeFi-driven impact investing

Imagine a world where you can earn stable returns while effortlessly making a positive social impact. Where you reward important real-world projects by increasing your own income.

We’re making that world a reality

Making profit and making a difference can work together. At Social Impact Network, we’re passionate about making real, measurable differences in the world.

Social Impact Network- Image of a two platform native tokens-Sunny token and SI token.
The ecosystem

Expanding the DeFi investing experience

Expand your DeFi experience by investing into Sunny Pool and supporting real-world clean energy projects for large-scale social impact.

Improve your current yield farming experience with automated compounding and get SI Token rewards for providing liquidity.

Stake your SI tokens and become eligible to govern and vote for projects that make it into Sunny Pool.

Invest in SI Pools and borrow liquidity to real-world asset projects.

Deposit cryptocurrency and farm SI Token.

Stake SI Token and participate in the decision-making.


Transparent and measurable impact with stable yields

Sunny Pool is the first of many real-world asset funds on Social Impact Network. Specialized in solar PV energy investments, this pool combines real-world asset APYs with stable APYs.

CO2 emissions saved are tracked using IoT devices and stored in immutable smart contracts, with all projects supervised by aid organizations like UNDP.

Sunny Pool Impact Calculator*


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Estimated interest

Energy generated

CO2 reduced

*Example based on typical project funded through Sunny Pool

Our team

Cedric Lehmann-Social Impact Network-bio photo
Cedric Lehmann

Cedric went all-in on Bitcoin in 2016. He has been a blockchain researcher at HGI Germany and co-founded a German crypto company together with Felix. Cedric has worked in the financial industry with regional and international banks. He has been a certified anti-money laundering officer and blockchain developer since 2017.

Felix H. C. Maduakor-Social Impact Network-Bio photo
Felix H. C. Maduakor

Felix bought his first Bitcoin in 2013. He is an IT security expert and published his thesis on the de-anonymization of almost all existing Bitcoin tumblers in 2016. He has been a blockchain researcher at HGI and co-founded a German crypto company. Since 2017 he is a certified risk manager and blockchain developer.

Dr. Nikola Markovic-Social Impact Network-Bio photo
Dr. Nikola Markovic

Nikola holds a PhD in electrochemistry and is a renewable energy and impact measurement expert. He has been a Marie Curie Sklodowska Fellow in the field of renewable energy and has served as a board member of the EU-funded project BIOENERGY.

Nadja Bester-Social Impact Network-Bio photo
Nadja Bester

Nadja is a marketing and communications expert with 15 years’ worth of experience. In blockchain since 2017, she’s worked as a consultant, a journalist for leading industry publications, a speaker at several international blockchain conferences, an advisor, and a board member.

Our supporters


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Token Name: SI Token ($SIT)

Total Supply: SIT

Initial Token Circulation: 42.500.000 SIT


Team and Advisors: 25%

Private Sale: 8%

Public Sale: 10%

Community Rewards: 37%

Ecosystem Reserve: 20%


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What protocols are available on SI Network?

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Social Impact Network consists of three protocols (SI Pools, SI Vaults, and SI Governance). SI Pools is an undercollaterized loan protocol for financing social impact projects with measurable impact. SI Vaults rewards liquidity providers with SI Token. SI Governance is a decision-making and insurance protocol powered by SI Token.

How can I use SI Network protocols?

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Once the ecosystem is launched, you’ll be able to generate passive income with impact investing by providing liquidity in form of stablecoins to SI Pools. Pool tokens (and other selected crypto tokens) can be staked in SI Vaults to farm SI Token. SI Token can be staked in SI Governance to offer insurance to SI Pools and to earn additional ecosystem revenues and SI Token rewards.

Where is impact generated in Social Impact Network?

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All SI Pools have the purpose of generating measurable social impact alongside an appropriate yield. Impact generated is connected to the corresponding pool token and validated by international development agencies. Ecosystem revenues that flow into SI Treasury are also used to generate impact by providing additional liquidity to SI Pools.